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I first started programming in Applsoft BASIC as a child on my family's knock off Apple IIc. My teen years, I kinda went away from programming for a while, just dabbling off and on, but in 2015 I learned that software and web development were not a "young man's game" after all. Since then, I've learned all the standard web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS as well as a lot of the associated tools and frameworks. I also know Ruby and Sinatra. You can check out my portfolio for a sampling of what I have done. Recently, I've started to pick up C# and Check out my portfolio as I start making projects with the new toolset. Heck, I may blog things about my journey (or whatever else strikes my fancy).

I live in Westminster, Colorado and when I'm not programming, I like to play pen and paper roleplaying games, cook, brew beer and drink /whiske?y/. If you think you'd like to work with me--or me to work for you even--you can contact me here.

My dog and me laying in the grass

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